Robert Pagliarini:
“I really could have used this program when I was in high school. As a senior, nobody told me what I needed to know about college. It was trial by fire."  Robert Pagliarini, Certified Financial Planner, Columnist, CBS MoneyWatch and Author, Plan Z: How to Survive the 2009 Financial Crisis
Laura Flanagan:
So many professional adults tell me how they wish they had known about their career options when they were young. As a result, many have led empty, frustrated lives wondering about the ‘what-if’ and others have made drastic changes later in life. SuperFutures is so desperately needed for young people.” Laura Flanagan, Family Therapist, New York
David Perreta:
“The assertive and positive attitude, politeness and necessity to get work done helped a bunch. Also the worldly experience with Chinese nationals and other international students brought a new perspective to me that taught foreign sensitivity while dealing with alien or while in a strange land.” David Perreta, Student, 17
Shi Hua:
"Thank you and SuperFutures' for your hardwork. Kelvin and I feel very fortunate to have the guiding hands of Virtual SuperCoach." - Shi Hua, Parent
Mary Lowengard:
"This is the one thing Elise does very willingly. When she's on her coaching class call, she won't let me near. Actions speak louder than words." - Mary Lowengard, Mother and Bloomberg News Executive
Rebecca Duberman:

 “I wouldn’t be launching my own project were it not for this class. I’ve gotten so much out of it.” Rebecca Duberman, 14,Student (Passions into Impact)

John Bray:

“My SuperCoach group gave me the encouragement I needed to move forward with an idea for a karate business for teens. I’d like to always have a SuperCoach.” John Bray, 15, Student (Passions into Impact)

Joe Gomolson:

"I feel like I'm finally on a path." Joe Gomolson, 15, Student (Discover Your Future)

Janet Gomolson:

"This is a fantastic opportunity for Joe. He’s getting lots of information that can help him in the future. We’re lucky to participate." Janet Gomolson, Mother and Thomson Reuters employee