Megan Partridge:
“I had a truly incredible and life-changing experience and was able to meet professionals at the forefront of their fields. Thank you so much for everything that you did for me through SuperFutures!” Megan Partridge, 17, Student
Kelvin Lew:
“Most people live in their own bubble because I was one of them before.  With your encouragement, I will treasure this experience to make life-changing decisions for my future.” Kelvin Lew, 18, Student
Shi Hua:

“My son can't stop talking about his experience, and I believe the event helped him greatly to look inward and focus on what is most important in building a solid and productive life-vision. I applaud your dedication.” Shi Hua, Parent

David Perreta:
“I learned how to do a killer job interview and resume. I even got a paying job, in this economy. I feel like I’m set. SuperFutures has helped me learn that I can go out and I can do these things.” David Perreta, 17, Student
Kloee Shaw:
“This program was a 10.” Kloee Shaw, 14, Student
Josh Apfel:
“Everyone at SuperFutures treats me like an adult and I’m learning adult strategies that I wouldn’t have learned at my high school. Everyone talks about the real world. I feel like I'm ready.” Josh Apfel, 15, Student
Pamela Wesley:
“I am so impressed with this initiative and have found a real void for our youth in directing them into leadership for our world.” Pamela Wesley, Yale University
Dory Hafati:

“Thank you so much for a wonderful program.  Frankly, I wish I were attending it myself.  Ariana has loved it and I can tell from talking to her, it has been a fantastic experience for her.  I am hoping the seeds of "public service" and the "desire to do more good work" has been planted in her through the program. Thank you again.” Dory Hafati, Parent

Larry and Audrey Apfel:

“This was the first time my son was "on his own" and he truly enjoyed the experience.  He came back from Superfutures enlightened and enriched by the experience.  Thank you for all of your efforts putting together a terrific program that includes teens. Our thanks to Sara too.  She was very helpful to us.  We had lots of questions and she always took the time to explain things to us without making us feel imposing or rushed.”  Larry and Audrey Apfel, Parents

Nicole Mariella:
“I applaud you for what you’re doing. It’s so needed. Our kids don’t see the possibilities for their futures, but this shines a light so they can see them.” Nicole Mariella, Director of Counseling, LA Alliance