Discover Your Future
Discover Your Future


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Colleges look at SuperFutures’ programs as a student’s way of demonstrating his or her passion and commitment to a particular career and be a part of something greater. That's what colleges are looking for: Kids who go above and beyond to enhance their career.

Linda Woods, Guidance Counselor, Greenwich High


What do you want to be when you grow up? How do you get there? Those are the questions this course helps teens answer. Designed with Harvard Career Coaches at the Harvard Business School, the Discover Your Future online course provides students with tools and guidance to discover passions, identify career options and college majors, and create the right foundation to get into their college of choice. Students enjoy the flexibility, nationwide peer networking, and the support of a professional coach. Parents are comforted knowing that the investment they make in their teen today will help ensure their academic and professional success.

Learning Outcomes: 

Class 1 – Turn Passions into Career Paths
• Meet your coach; Set goals and understand their importance; Begin to develop your life Mission Statement

Class 2 – Getting Charged-Up
• Understand your SuperAssessment; Pinpoint areas for personal improvement; Learn to apply your skills to succeed inside an organization

Class 3 – Where Do You Fit in the Global Economy
• Understand the economy and the importance of acting now; Entrepreneurship vs traditional careers; Create your personal brand

Class 4 – Cornering Your Career Choices
• Envision your dream job; Identify life values; Explore alternative careers; Learn job research skills

Class 5 – Checking Your Blind Spots
• Understand and accept third-party feedback; Learn how to conduct successful informational interviews

Class 6 – Window Shopping for Colleges & Companies
• Identify college majors and top factors in your selection; Try on a career through an internship; identify your target colleges and companies to move you forward

Class 7 – Navigate Your Network
• Leverage new ways to network online and offline; Building “EI” to succeed; Manage your Facebook and other social networks

Class 8 – Create Rocking Resumes
• Write a resume that rocks; Learn top sources for internships and jobs; Overcome fears in securing an internship, job, or college slot

Class 9 – Leaving Powerful Impressions
• Learn how colleges and recruiters are using your social profiles; Give your online profile a facelift quickly and effectively; Write a great cover letter; Develop answers to top interviewing questions

Class 10 – The Start of a Journey
• Experience an interview and gain feedback; Finalize your Career Action Plan

Other program benefits include:
• Access to course materials and taped sessions online if missed
• Reduced stress, increase in confidence and motivation
• Networking with other students

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10 weekly sessions online

Group:           $595                  Special Discount: $475 (20% discount)

Includes one year access to webinars, SuperCoach On-Call, and other resources.

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