March 5, 2012 - SXSW EDU Panel Hosted by Openshaw with Experts from Millken, Columbia

Education2.0: Social Media Moves 4 Student Success


New York, NY -- Jennifer Openshaw, national financial expert, entrepreneur and SuperFutures founder, will lead the Education2.0 panel at South by SouthWest (SXSW), the nation's leading social media event.

Openshaw will be joined by Jared Carney, chief strategy officer for the Milken Institute, and Gary Natriello, professor at Columbia University and founder of EdLab at the University's Teachers' College. The event is Openshaw's fourth appearance at SXSW.

The panel will focus on on how budget cuts, the global economy and family pressures require we better prepare our children for the transition from the classroom to the real-world. Then, leading education experts and entrepreneurs will discuss the latest innovations in education using technology and social media, and how these innovations are moving education outside the classroom. Learn what your school is doing or could, and what you as a parent could be doing to drive your child’s success in the new economy.

  • What will brick and mortar schools look like in 5 years? How will mobile play a part?

  • What are some of the latest innovations in tech that affect education?

  • How is technology being used to move education outside the classroom and increase 'learning by doing'?

  • What are the benefits and challenges of peer networking/learning and how can you overcome those challenges?

  • How can parents, educators implement social media into the classroom or home to connect with your student?

    To schedule interviews with Openshaw or other panelists, please email media-at-superfutures-dot-com.