Facebook Access for Children Under 13?

Should kids get access to use Facebook?
It’s a question that can make any parent shake in his or her boots. The Wall Street Journal talks about the issue more here.
Teaching teens about Facebook – how to use it, manage it, and protect your reputation – has been a cornerstone of our programs here at SuperFutures.
We know that companies routinely reject possible new hires because of the stuff they find on someone’s Facebook page – pictures, words, and even friends that tell more about who they are.
What are some of the concerns about letting even younger kids use Facebook?
1.     Judgment – You can teach a teen about the impact Facebook can have on their future employment prospects but these lessons may be harder to pass onto young kids.
2.     Befriending – If parents can control it, most would surely want to control who they befriend. The same is true on any social networking site.
3.     Time – Some argue that kids simply spend too much time on Facebook. Does it make sense for young ones to be able to hop on when they want? Is this a good use of their time than, say, participating in team sports, reading or conversing with Mom and Dad?
4.     Apps – More and more apps are becoming available for all sorts of things. Any access to Facebook should include control by a parent over what apps he or she can access.
The bottom line: Facebook isn’t something to take lightly, especially for our young people. The only way it would make sense for parents is if they can control it – including who and what their child has access to.
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