Courses FAQ


What ages do you serve?

14-18 and college.  But age and learning level does matter, so we group students by their age or class level.

Who are your SuperCoaches?

SuperCoaches are trained professionals in the area of career guidance and/or business, depending on the program. In fact, they bring combined experience of over 50 years guiding young people – and that doesn’t include our Advisory Board! As part of our commitment to you, we recruit coaches who:

  • Reside in the US
  • Have content knowledge and credentials including Masters and certifications in counseling and even MBAs
  • Bring real-world, hands-on experience in business and/or counseling teens
  • Demonstrate the ability to explain concepts easily and clearly to young people
  • Have a demonstrated passion for your teen’s success

For more, go here.  For terms & conditions, go here.

Where does coaching take place?

Online, where students thrive. A live SuperCoach leverages the benefits of an online learning platform with real-time audio via phone so that students can listen and participate while viewing the lesson. We’ve discovered that students really love the flexibility of online coaching. They can participate anywhere with a reliable internet connection. Through their online dashboard, they’ll enter their course at the designated time and access course materials. They’ll “meet” their coach and other students in the online classroom, where they’ll be able to hear the class, see the presentation, engage in lively discussions, and even see their coach on video. The student dashboard is also where they can access a SuperCoach and ask questions via live chat or email. For a demo, go here.

Who has access to a SuperCoach?

The student has full access via LiveChat during designated hours or email at any time. Parents have access to ask questions via email, which will typically be answered on the same business day. Just login to your Parent DashBoard to do so. 

Will we be able to speak to the same SuperCoach?

Yes, during the duration of your course, you’ll have access to the assigned SuperCoach teaching your course through completion. With SuperCoach On-Call, you may experience a different coach, depending on the demand at the time you access our help. However, all coaches have access to previous exchanges so that we can best understand your student. As always, if you have feedback about a particular coaching experience, please share it. Email us at

What hours are SuperCoaches available?

Our SuperCoach On-Call service is available Monday through Thursdays from 9am-9pm EST and on Fridays and Saturdays, 9am-6pm EST.  Our formal courses are typically offered from 4pm to 9pm Monday thru Thursday. 

What system requirements do we need?

Internet Browsers

  • Mac computer: Our interactive classroom tools work best with Safari. You will also need to install adobe flash player. Click here for adobe flash player. 
  • PC computer: Explorer version 8 or a later version will work best. You can use Firefox 3.5


You can use any type of headset that has a working microphone! Just make sure that it connects to your PC or Mac. Some that we recommend: 

  • PC computers: Microsoft LifeChat LX-1000 Headset- Click Here
  • Mac or PC computers: Logitech USB Headset H330- Click Here

To make sure your headset is working...

  • All computers: Go into your system preferences on your computer and go into audio controls. Make sure your headset and microphone are on. 
  • Mac computers: Make sure to select the headset device you are using in your system preferences. You can do this by clicking the apple at the top left corner of your computer and then clicking system preferences. Within the hardware section you will find and click the sound button. Click output and select the headset device you are using, as well as clicking input and selecting the headset device you are using (Microsoft, Logitech).


Can a student get credit for the courses? How?

Students may be able to get credit one of two ways:

  • Independent Study – Check with your student advisor or school’s guidance counselor to see about getting credit for the Passions into Impact course. Your school representative may want to see the course syllabus, which is available in your DashBoard.
  • Community Service – An increasing number of schools now require community service. The Passions into Impact course may meet this requirement. Again, talk to your school’s representative.

If they request a letter from SuperFutures, simply email us at with the person’s name, title, email and phone.

What happens if a student misses a class?

We expect students to attend regularly. It's what makes a group... well... an effective group. So, three strikes and a student may be out, unless for good cause. Please check with your coach. If a class is missed, a student may access the taped class through the same platform they enter to actually participate in a class. They’ll also see any assignments or “BringBacks” in their online DashBoard. Finally, they can always contact their SuperCoach for any questions.

What standards do you have for the students?

We've modeled our coaching program after some of the best programs available although typically for adults. So, yes, we've set some standards to which we expect students to adhere. It's what makes our program so strong. Those standards are:

  • Respect for others – listening without interruption and responding to communications within a 24-hour time period
  • Commitment to the class – Attending class on time and at the specified times
  • Passion – We want students who want to be a part of SuperFutures – who truly want to improve their lives and their futures

We love students. But we need everyone on their best behavior to make the most of our programs. If a student doesn’t follow our instructions or interrupts the experience for others, parents will be contacted and a student may be “expelled.”  

If we choose to cancel my child's membership, is there a refund?  

Yes. You have up to 30 days or until the day before the first course session takes place to request a refund. Once your child's course begins, there are no refunds. We invest enormous time and energy into coordinating your child's participation as well as the program itself. We ask for a commitment from both sides. However, for the Summer Global Leader program, full refunds shall be made minus $500 (non-refundable deposit) if cancellation notice is received at least one month prior to the start of the program. If a request for cancellation is received after this date, a partial refund may be refused.

Regarding the Summer Global Leader Program, who is the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (FAF) and the Youth Assembly at the United Nations?

Friendship Ambassadors Foundation ( is a non-for-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization that promotes reconciliation and peace building through cultural exchange. FAF organizes the annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations and its Executive Director, Patrick Sciarratta, serves on the Advisory Board of SuperFutures. 

What is the Youth Assembly at the United Nations?

Imagine being with top world leaders and other young adults talking about some of the biggest issues of our time, hear how they are having an impact, and learn how you can too. That’s the Youth Assembly at the United Nations -- a three-day intensive program featuring guest speakers, seminars, and global youth exchange on topics ranging from the environment and health care to poverty and children.

The Youth Assembly at the United Nations is an opportunity to help young people get involved with the United Nations' goals at a time of imminent reform and change. Students find the experience a real eye-opener as they get inside the inner workings of the United Nations and see first-hand how it can be a vehicle for peace, diplomacy and positive social impact – not only for our world’s future, but also for the future of each student who attends. This is the kind of rare experience that can help set a young person on an important path or strengthen the path they’re already on, and thereby help them get a global mindset, build new career skills, and distinguish themselves on their college applications.

I have a question not addressed here – what can I do?

 Please email us at We'll get back within one business day.