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Facebook Access for Children Under 13?

Janitorial Jobs - Bad for Kids?

"Menial" Jobs in a Bad Economy

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A lot of parents are scratching their heads: Should my kid really take a job as a janitor? How much lower can you go?

5-Last Minute Ways to Turn Summer Slumber into Summer Success

It’s not easy finding jobs: The unemployment rate for young people hovers around 18% - about double the national average, according to the Department of Labor.  Last year, less than 50 percent of young adults had found summer employment by July, the lowest level since 1949.

What can you or your student do in the remaining 30 days or so to move themselves forward in their career and life? 

Here are 5 ways:

Tools for Teen Careers

Career planning – parents and teens put it off until college is at the door. But that’s a big and costly mistake, especially in this new economy.

The result: our young people find themselves matched with the wrong job, costing them a lot of stress and unhappiness, and companies a whopping $44 Billion*.

Avoid this $15,000 Class Mistake

Could a student be taking the wrong classes or too many? It happens. Sebastian, our graphic designer and a recent graduate is carrying $55,000 in student debt - $15,000 more than necessary... all because he took more classes than required to graduate.
If you’re a transfer student, you’ll really want to watch out. But that’s not the only time it matters. Say you’re studying abroad or taking an internship across the country for credit -- you’ll want to be careful there, too.

You're Never too Young to Make an Impact!

Written by: Maryann Loprete 

Gandhi Tells Students: You Are the Future Change Agents

 Imagine hearing from Arun Gandhi, the grandson of the great Mahatma Gandhi.

It was truly a unique experience for students of the SuperFutures Youth Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship Program, who, aside from Gandhi, heard from an Olympic Gold Medalist who competed despite the loss of one leg and a Harvard negotiations expert. 

Getting Financially Savvy Before Hitting the Job Market

"My daughter needs to learn personal finance," Laurel, a mom of a teenage daughter, told me this morning. "Where can she go?" I sure didn't expect that I would be talking money at 7am, just as I was about to start the pilates class Laurel teaches. Laurel had seen the latest article on SuperFutures and it hit her: "The best thing I can teach my daughter is how a mortgage works, how to invest, how to make her money go further." Boy, is Laurel ever right.

Scholarships Available for Teens to Become Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs

If students are going to drive the future of America -- and we know they are -- then don't we need to give them the practical skills so they can succeed?

Three Tips to Make Reference Checks Count

So, you interviewed for a position you wanted, the interview went great, and you were totally qualified, but you didn't get the job. Why?

References! These days, in times of economic disarray, executives are being scrutinized more and more for each decision they make, with a particular emphasis on who and who they do not hire.

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