Internships -- Even Unpaid -- Key to Getting a Job

OK, you want a job. Doesn't everyone?

During an interview yesterday on New Jersey's Channel 12, I heard a great statistic: 60% of those who get internships end up parlaying that into a real, paying job.


Now, how do you get an internship? Career counselors at high schools are telling me it's tough - there just aren't enough jobs out there.

In our opinion, there are always opportunities. Now, maybe you won't get paid, but if you're willing to work, chances are someone is willing to use your skills.

Why should you go grab yourself an internship even if it's unpaid?

Getting a Job is Getting Tougher

OK, we know the job market is rough out there. But I just read some of the latest stats and it's pretty frightening, especially for those of you heading into the job market for the first time.

Listen to this: for every available job, there are four -- count 'em, four -- people unemployed.

By next year, some 1/3 of the US workforce will be unemployed. And companies are receiving more resumes than ever before. (for more, go here)

So what does this mean? It means...

You need to stand out from the crowd.

Create for Yourself a SuperFuture - Start Now

Hi Everyone! Are you ready to create a SuperFuture? Well, let's get to it. Because the economy is rocky, jobs are scarce and yet I want you to do your best and to reach your dreams.

So, check out the Summer Program. There's absolutely nothing like it.

In the meantime, we'll be sharing tips on how to create a SuperFuture and we want you to do the same!


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