What’s in that Box of Chocolates?

5 Numbers to Know About Your Sweetie on Valentine’s Day

Your 5-Point Checklist for a Super 2011

Two-way conversations aren't a slam-dunk during teen years. We hope these tips, fresh from our own students, make a difference.

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10 Ways to Finish 2010 on a Super Note

The New Year will bring new expenses, especially for parents caught up in the last minute rush to buy gifts. What can you do to start the New Year off right, financially speaking?

Here are 10 money moves to make by December 31st (to view Good Morning America click here). They’ll help you boost your wallet and maybe even your child’s college savings. So, take a look…and act now!

Six Tips to Make the Most of Summer Jobs or Internships

Whether it's a job or internship, it's important to stop and ask yourself some critical questions before moving on to the next chapter in your life. After all, you want to get the most out of your experience, even if it wasn't a perfect fit.

Three Ways to Help Young People Succeed Today

Excelling at one skill is no longer enough, Google executive Sean Harvey told a group of students recently. These days, it's about "doing multiple things well," he said.

I invited Harvey to speak at a "Discover Your Future" seminar offered by, an organization I founded to help young people build the skills needed to succeed outside the classroom.

Flexibility is Key to Success in New Economy, Google Exec Tells SuperFutures Students

When Sean Harvey was writing travel books, little did he know that one day he’d be running the AdSense business at Google, responsible for everything from software engineers to marketing the advertising service to big name customers.

Take Control Of Your Future!

One of the best lessons we can teach kids heading into the real world is the power of proactively going the extra step to say "I want this job" or "I really want to work with you." The same is true for getting into college. So, if you or your student is one of the many on the college wait lists - and those lists are extra long this year - then go one step further: send a brief but powerful letter emphasizing your interest in attending that college. Highlight why your student is a real fit for the university - what will he or she bring?

David Lands Job from Global Leader Program

We’re really proud. One of our students, David Peretta of Fairfield, Connecticut, landed a job.

Study: Teens Give Guidance Counselors Poor Grades

Are guidance counselors in our high schools doing the job?

No, according to teens surveyed nationwide, as the New York Times reported.

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