Tool helps students sort through college-aid muddle

Traditional planning for college expenses usually exists of estimating tuition and how much to save each year to pay for four years. But once college gets closer, the numbers all change and the options all have different prices, meaning exploring financial aid usually comes into the picture. And that's where college gets complicated.

"Often financial aid is presented in less than a clear way," said Carol Stack, co-author of "The Financial Aid Handbook." "It's not that complicated."

Meet Me In Hollywood! Glee's Principal Figgins Wants You To Dream Big

Glee's Iqbal Theba kicks off SuperFutures' Dare2Dream challenge with students at Lowell High in San Francisco.Hope all of our SuperFriends heard the big news: SuperFutures and Glee star, Iqbal Theba, kicked-off the Dare2Dream Challenge. Why?

How to Manage Student Loans After Graduation

In 2010, two thirds of bachelor's-degree recipients graduated with education debt, including roughly $25,000 per person in student loans, according to estimates by On average people take 16 to 18 years to repay this debt, leaving them with less money to save for retirement or to buy a home.

While simply paying down debt faster is the quickest way to make it go away, there are other ways to lessen the burden and pay down those loans.

College Majors that Pay Off

So you’re wondering how to make that college investment pay off?

College isn’t cheap – four years at a public university will run about $35,000, according to The College Board, while a private college could wipe out your savings to the tune of $120,000.

So what’s the best way to maximize the return on that investment? Part of the answer lies in selecting a major.

Are you ready for Glee?

Principal Figgins from the hit show Glee is the honorary principal for Super Futures! Listen now as he talks about an awesome opportunity for his favorite students! Check it out:

Become a Doctor? Not for the Money

I had lunch with a top cardiac anesthiologist. What's that? Someone who puts you out while you're going through heart surgery out so you don’t feel it. 

“The heart is where it all starts and ends,” said Dr. Greg Fischer of Mount Sinai School of Medicine.dr greg fischer

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10 Spring Break Tips for Teens
By Iqbal Theba, Glee’s Principal Figgins & Principal of


How Teens Impact their Future with Social Media

Your teen could just boost their college applications and their job hunting efforts if they turn to social media now. 

That’s what the organizers of South by Southwest, known as SXSW, did when the Japanese disaster hit. The result? 

Use Facebook to Your Advantage--Basic Do's and Dont's

LA Media Arts & Entertainment Design High School and SuperFutures Inspire Teens

 What do you want to be when you grow up? And, how do you get there?

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