Teen Parenting Author Vanessa Van Petten:Top Concerns on College Readiness

Vanessa’s Top Concerns on College Readiness:


Concern #1: Spelling

“I’m very concerned about spelling. Kids are applying to write for my site and teachers have shown me some beautifully written essays, but students can’t spell words like ‘probably’ and ‘maybe,’” Vanessa noted. “This is happening in high school and college essay writing. I’ve even talked to an executive whose assistant can’t spell.”


5-Last Minute Ways to Turn Summer Slumber into Summer Success

It’s not easy finding jobs: The unemployment rate for young people hovers around 18% - about double the national average, according to the Department of Labor.  Last year, less than 50 percent of young adults had found summer employment by July, the lowest level since 1949.

What can you or your student do in the remaining 30 days or so to move themselves forward in their career and life? 

Here are 5 ways:

Glee Star’s Dare2Dream Challenge with SuperFutures Expanded to Facebook

Glee & SuperFutures Principal Iqbal Theba Helps Students Reach Career Dreams, Get Jobs, & Win iPad 2 and Trip to Hollywood

Oslo: The Meaning of "Safe"

The Meaning of  “Safe” 

Turkey. That was the original plan. The wonderful people, culture and history reminded us of nearby Greece, where we honeymooned four years ago. But when we looked at a map and saw that Turkey also shares borders with Iran, Iraq, and Syria, it seemed a more prudent course to steer clear of that troubled part of the world, especially with a two-year old in tow. 

The Truths About Graduates Today


NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Are you among those who invested a good part of your retirement savings into your child’s college education? Factors in today’s job market in the U.S. will affect both recent grads and future retirees for a long time.


Companies plan to hire 19% more graduates than they did last year, according to the National Association of College Employers.

Callling Parents, Teens in Crisis - Oppty to Appear on Oprah-Like Show

The Bill Cunningham Show just called me and they're looking for teens and famiies who need help. You may not have heard of Bill, but he brings a passionate approach much like Oprah, and has been around for years on radio. Now, he's on TV nationwide with Tribune. Please read on to see if you might want to get your problems addressed on his show. You might even get to see me, talking about how teens can reach their dreams and overcome their crises.

The Bill Cunningham Show

More Scholarship Opportunities For Minorties!

When her family immigrated to the United States from Colombia six years ago, Veronica Valencia didn't know any English.

After three months of intensive reading classes at Mariner Middle School in Cape Coral, Valencia picked up English and started excelling in school.

Earlier this month, the 18-year-old Valencia graduated with a 5.15 grade-point average, the top academic ranking at Mariner High.

Five Financial Tips for College Grads

You've spent four-give or take-years, working diligently, to earn your college degree. Therefore, you have demonstrated that you can be self-disciplined, you can stay focused on short and long-term goals, and you can plan for the future. These habits will serve you well, if you incorporate them into a post-graduate financial plan. Since you likely won't have a lot of complex planning needs, just yet, it would be wise to create a simple plan that you can follow for a couple of years.

Social Skills, Extracurricular Activities In High School Pay Off Later In Life

It turns out that being voted “Most likely to succeed” in high school might actually be a good predictor of one’s financial and educational success later in life.

Jobs for Students - An Empty Grad Gift?

The numbers are in. And it’s not looking too bright for those stepping into the “real-world.”

The experts had expected about 175,000 new jobs to be created, but the real numbers tell a very different story: just 36,000 in May. That’s just 20% of what the pros had expected.

Some kind of graduation present!

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