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Paying for College: Tap Your Home's Equity?

Our Son is Heading Off to College – Where’s the Money? Our Home?

What the CFPB is Doing for Consumers

If you're doing some financial chores today on Saturday and you're stressed by the costs of college, then read this by Jennifer Openshaw on what the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is doing. Today marks its one-year anniversary.

Read this to learn more about what's been done on the college affordability front, as well as with those nasty credit card and mortgage documents.


Facebook Access for Children Under 13?

The Key to Teaching Your Kids Money? Fun

It's not easy to teach your kids money when they want to watch Barney or play ball in the street.

But as there are some great games out there, noted by our friends at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Tips for Boosting Your Education Investment: How Social Media is Changing Your Child's Future - Part 2

Last week, we shared insights from to investors about new changes in the education landscape. What’s it mean for your kids? Read it here.

How to Get More Money & Help From Your Job

This week, we had the opportunity to talk to Matt Fellowes, founder and CEO of HelloWallet, a new tool helping families save more and build their wealth on the job. It's a big issue because America's workers are behind on their retirement needs by a whopping $6 trillion. Yes, that's $6 trillion.

If you're young, it means you'd be smart to start saving right now, on the job. If you're older, it means you need to be sure you're taking full advantage of every benefit you possibly can from your employer.

How Social Media is Changing Your Child’s Future – Part 1 on Changes in TechEDU

I just attended SXSW, the nation’s #1 social media conference, where I led the Education2.0 panel on student success. I heard from venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, educators and professors about changes in education as a result of technology and steps parents and educators can take to help ensure students are career ready.

SXSW Edu Panel Hosted by SuperFutures' Openshaw with Columbia, Milken

Education 2.0 -- It's a hot topic and one we'll be addressing at the nation's #1 social media event, South by SouthWest (SXSW).

Tool Helps Students Sort Through College-Aid Muddle

Traditional planning for college expenses usually exists of estimating tuition and how much to save each year to pay for four years. But once college gets closer, the numbers all change and the options all have different prices, meaning exploring financial aid usually comes into the picture. And that's where college gets complicated.

"Often financial aid is presented in less than a clear way," said Carol Stack, co-author of "The Financial Aid Handbook." "It's not that complicated."

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