Why SuperFutures?

Today, only 36 percent of students graduate college in four years, according to the College Board. Just one more year of college can easily translate into $10,000, or more in additional costs.

The fact is, while guidance counselors in our school are doing the best they can, budget cuts and enrollment growth mean little face-to-face time with your student – 38 minutes per year on average. SuperFutures is trying to fill that gap. With a small investment today, we reduce the risk that your child will become yet another statistic. 

SuperFutures is the only organization that offers the combination of curriculum, coaching, programming and access to real-world experience and experts needed to ensure that your teen has the resume, credentials and skills to not only get into the right college, but to be armed with a roadmap to their future.   

The Facts:

  • 69%: Percent of high schoolers who say they are "very concerned" about getting into college (SuperFutures national survey)
  • 79%: Percent of parents who say the same (SuperFutures)
  • 1000 to 1: Typical public school guidance counselor-to-student ratio (Los Angeles Times)
  • 5.5 years: Average number of years students take to graduate college (College Board)
  • 1 year: How soon many students have to declare a major or risk having to extend their stay due to overcrowded classes. To help with college major choices, see our Discover Your Future course
  • $50,000 to $100,000: Amount the typical family spends on a child's college education (College Board)
  • 20%: Unemployment rate among youth -- double the national average (DOL)
  • #1 Concern: "Ensuring  their teen is prepared for the real world,” say parents, ahead of getting into college or paying for it (SuperFutures)
  • Over 50%: Percent of teens forced to give up the job of their dreams due to debt and the economy (USA Today)
  • 50%: Percent of high school students who would like to start a business or charity (SuperFutures)
  • 78%:  Percent of high school students who  believe someone their age can create a positive impact in their communities (Harris)

With school budget cuts, high unemployment rates among youth, and a global economy that requires discipline and critical thinking skills among our youth, there couldn’t be a more important time for SuperFutures.Those able to work successfully in it will be the ones who will get into the college of their choice, successfully work in jobs or start businesses, and live a life they dreamed. As teacher Joe Parsons put it: "Everyone talks about college but SuperFutures makes it releant."

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our testimonials and videos of real students and how SuperFutures is impacting their futures.