A Message from the CEO

Welcome to SuperFutures and thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. You have just taken the first step towards securing a super future for yourself or your teen. It is my hope that once you learn more, you will join us—and become part of this very special learning community.

SuperFutures was born out of my own experience. At 15, I started thinking about college so I turned to my school for guidance. What happened to me was a series of events and college transitions in my quest to succeed. Yes, it made me stronger – and it’s why SuperFutures exists today – but it also underscores the need to help our young people.

Here is my story. It is one that is not unique and increasingly becoming the norm instead of the exception. I attended three (3) colleges due to a lack of guidance as well as a lack of preparation. First, I went to a private university – not one I would have chosen looking back. At the end of my freshman year, despite working and entering with an arm of scholarships, money ran out. I begged on every door for financial support. No luck. So, I moved in with relatives and began attending my second (2nd) college. On my third (3rd) try, I landed at my alma mater, where I found an inspirational dean, educator and mentor, who helped put me on the path to where I am today. I was one of the lucky ones. Unfortunately, 55% of college students are taking over 5 years to graduate and, even more are just dropping out. 

You’ve heard my story. I want to help make sure that it stops with me. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, no longer can you just hope your teen will get into college, graduate and get a job, let alone a great job. The competition is fierce, just look around. Too many parents have told me about their child’s inability to get a job (watch: would you hire your teen?) because their teen was not prepared for the real-world. Countless other parents have asked me, “Why couldn’t I have had something like SuperFutures to show me my options?”

So, beginning today, you have the choice: either help yourself or your child identify their career options and build the foundation so they can succeed, or risk wasting your investment of time and dollars.

Through SuperFutures, we make it possible: a powerful learning experience that is enhanced by leveraging technology with solid outcomes that are not available anywhere – all at an affordable price.

It’s your child’s future. How can you not afford to take the next step? 



Jennifer Openshaw

CEO, SuperFutures

Host of ABC Radio’s Winning Advice & Columnist for Dow Jones’ MarketWatch